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At Rosedale Advisory we are proud to be able to offer the combined skills and professionalism of fully qualified and highly experienced individuals, with backgrounds from professional practice and industry. Most importantly we believe that our clients will benefit from our dynamic, differentiated and dedicated service.

Corporate Finance

Finance is the lifeblood of any business. At every stage in its growth a business needs to review and revise its funding structure to ensure it is optimal for the achievement of its strategy.  Balancing the need for cash flow and adequate working capital on the one hand and a reasonable return on investment on the other is crucial.  So whether yours is a new or a mature business, ensuring that you have the necessary finance is essential for achieving your objectives.

Whatever your corporate finance needs, we can provide a full range of support for businesses which includes:

Company acquisition & mergers

Restructuring & recapitalisations

Management buy outs or buy ins

Company sales or shareholder exits

Restructuring and Turnaround

Rosedale Advisory provides services to business owners, executives and organisations facing distress and feeling pressured for whatever reason. We have assisted clients in resolving cash flow issues, dealing with HMRC, disputes with funders, suppliers or customers or even amongst shareholders.

Our forte is in implementing precise and timely cost effective solutions to provide peace of mind for our clients.  Rosedale Advisory are fortunate to have available an extensive network of accredited and proven professionals who can be called upon to support clients in their “hour of need”.

The overall goal of a turnaround strategy is to return an underperforming or distressed company to normal in terms of acceptable levels of profitability, solvency, liquidity and cash flow.  At Rosedale Advisory, we work with clients in turnaround situations to independently evaluate the issues and challenges the company faces. We will recommend financial restructuring strategy and tactics and to implement the programme of measures to deliver successful outcomes to stakeholders.

Raising Capital

Rosedale Advisory has an amazingly successful track record of delivering capital fundraisings for organisations seeking to raise up to £20 million. Clients are always impressed by the quality and quantity of funding offers delivered in a timely and easily understood manner.

 Raising development capital or refinancing your business is a problem which many businesses face, whether it’s planning for an acquisition or just operating within its own environment.  The right type of funding, whether that is debt, equity or a mix and the negotiation of the terms and covenants surrounding them are crucial to the long-term security of the business. Too tight a proposition or overly optimistic projections, and you will be under pressure from the start.

 We are dedicated to raising the most appropriate amount of funding for owner-managed businesses and corporates. We understand business needs as well as the constraints you face and we will use our skills and experience to help you raise the funds you require on the best possible terms. This is only part of the process, so we continue to provide our clients with ongoing strategic advice after finance has been agreed.


Change Management

Organisations are always in a state of change through changing their focus, expanding or contracting their activities and rethinking their products and services. Most organisations look nothing like they did even five years ago and it’s likely that in the next year or two they will not look as they do today.

Many things cause organisational change, including:

Challenges of growth, especially global markets

Challenges of economic downturns and tougher trading conditions

Changes in strategy

Technological changes

Competitive pressures, including mergers and acquisitions

Customer pressure, particularly shifting markets

Learn new behaviours and skills

Government legislation or initiatives

Personal Development

We believe that coaching can have dramatically positive effects on the performance of individuals and as a consequence on their organisations.

For Business Owners

If you are looking for personal help and support then we believe that The Value Builder System could be what you are looking for.

The Value Builder System helps business owners achieve more profitability and value for their businesses and personal fulfilment through a unique combination of shared business owner insight, private coaching and bespoke tools. If you wish to find out more please follow the link below:

 The Value Builder System™ 

Alternatively if you are looking for specific executive coaching, then we have developed a series of programmes under our Rosedale Coaching banner with the aim of helping produce transformational results for individuals, teams and organisations.

 We are also pleased to confirm that we are registered to deliver training for the LEP skills service and accredited by various professional bodies.

Rosedale Coaching is committed to making a positive contribution to society and are an official donor of the British Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association enabling them for the 2022 Winter Olympics